While I am not legally qualified to make any claims, nor would I, some in the healthcare profession have recently gotten into trouble for suggesting that Ozone Therapy treats Coronavirus. This may have something to do with its anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties and even disinfectant success. “Federal court blocks Texas health center from touting ‘ozone therapy’ as coronavirus treatment” by Kristine Phillips (USA TODAY).

We know that the federal government and particularly the USDA has approved Ozone as a sanitizing agent for bottled water treatment lines back in 1982.  Later in 2001, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved Ozone as an antimicrobial agent for direct contact with many types of foods. Following suit, the USDA approved ozone for use on meat and poultry products

What kind of ozone are we talking about? The same stuff that makes up the Earth’s atmosphere. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) describes it as “both a natural and a man-made product that occurs in the Earth’s upper atmosphere (the stratosphere) and lower atmosphere (the troposphere). Depending on where it is in the atmosphere, ozone affects life on Earth in either good or bad ways.”

In addition, The Nevada Center of Alternative and Anti-aging Medicine founder describes it this way, “The oxygen you breathe is present in the air as a pair of oxygen atoms. This is the most stable form of oxygen, and it’s colorless. Ozone is a blue colored form of oxygen (it’s what makes the sky blue), and unlike regular oxygen, it is composed of three oxygen atoms instead of two. It is the addition of the third oxygen atom that makes ozone “supercharged” oxygen, and gives it all of its remarkable medical properties.”

Medical uses of ozone can be classified as ozone therapy and has been used to treat patients as far back as the 1850s. It was formalized to treat various medical conditions in Germany in the mid twentieth-century. It has gained a following in the United States over the last twenty-five years. For medical purposes, ozone therapy involves the use of the gas made up of three oxygen molecules. It can be mixed with a person’s blood and injected intravenously also known as autohemotherapy. It can be used topically or as an ozone sauna to name other treatments.

There are a growing number of doctors doing ozone therapy in the United States. Fort Worth’s all-inclusive wellness clinic, Path to Wellness Integrated Health, owned by Lauren Letz, DC, administers Ozone IV Infusion therapy under the medical direction of Dr. Russell Phillips, DO and Registered Nurse Nicole Miranda. A patient’s blood is drawn and then mixed with ozone gas inside the IV bag before being infused into the blood via slow drip IV.

Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy is the fastest way to deliver medications, vitamins and fluid replacement throughout the body. It makes sense that IV Infusion therapy using vitamins such as high-dose vitamin C or Ozone is an effective method to boost the immune system which can help the body fight infection.

Dr. Shallenberger MD, also known as the “Godfather of Ozone” has been offering Ozone Therapy to his patients in clinical practice for over 30 years.  He has conducted his own Ozone Therapy clinical research and measured thousands of his patient’s oxygen levels because he believes, “oxygen utilization is the single most important predictor of your risk for degenerative disease and premature aging” (“The Ozone Miracle” Frank Shallenberger, MD 2017). Ozone therapy benefits include increased oxygen to the cells enabling increased energy, increased immunity through cytokines stimulation, detoxification and decreased free radicals in the body.

As a patient, I have personally experienced the benefits of Ozone IV Infusion therapy and have published a blog on the subject. I have early onset of arthritis in my joints and recently experienced grievous pain for months before I tried an ozone infusion. The next week when I visited my orthopedic surgeon in Southlake, I expected some eye rolling and instead he backed that up by giving me an ozone solution injection into my knee joint. That has helped immensely so that I am not daily taking Naproxen or other NSAIDs.

So, there it is, there’s my information to share in case others are curious. However, good luck if you want to buy Renate Viebahn’s – The Use of Ozone in Medicine: A Practical Handbook (Revised), as it is selling for over $900 on Amazon Prime. We could all use some good news declares actor John Kransinski and is the premise for his YouTube #SGN Some Good News station. Like it or not, we really could use some good news. Especially on the healthcare front in the midst of a pandemic. Please come visit us at Path to Wellness Integrated Health as we are always glad to educate our patients and share information.

Lara Ingram