You’ve got to keep on Moving!!!

Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break-a my stride…” lyrics from Matthew Wilder

As we age, the body ages faster if we are sedentary. I know this all too well. There was a period of over five years where I sat on planes, ran to and from cities holding press conferences and too busy to take care of myself. I have paid for it ever since. What worked in my twenties and early thirties, especially after having two babies, isn’t working quite the same now that I’m in my forties. There’s definitely a change in my “stride”. If I want to keep on moving like song says, then I need to stay active and healthy or I won’t last.

I recently discovered that I have degenerative arthritis in my knee. So, I went to see Dr. Letz at Path to Wellness Integrated Health for an adjustment and asked her what the deal was with this knot behind my right knee. She did her assessment, asked me some questions, then recommended some imaging and a consult to an Orthopedist.

Sure enough, a week later when I got in to see the orthopedic surgeon, he ordered an MRI and wanted to see me back for the results. Thankfully, it was an inflamed bursa and not a torn ligament causing all the pain. And, even better, I didn’t need surgery.

We also discussed multiple treatment options, including Ozone IV infusion. I told him that my pain subsided after months, after one treatment.  I thought he’d laugh himself off his chair or just flat…dismiss it. He didn’t! In fact, he confirmed the possibility that an injection of Ozone mixed with vitamins, saline and a small amount of anti-inflammatory medications would help tame the inflammation and so we came up with a plan to do just that.

It worked! Ozone is amazing. I can’t tell you the relief it has been after feeling that gnawing, dull, achy pain in my joints. Ozone from IV infusion therapy or an injection works wonders.

On another note, when Path to Wellness holds events, we meet all kinds of athletes young and old. Recently, a woman came by to see what we had to offer, she was well over 70 and she looked fit as a fiddle. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to run anymore, but she was volunteering at a major running event, still lifting weights and worked out with a friend. She was really intrigued by the technology we brought to the event, which shows risk areas of the spine based on inflammatory markers and structural abnormalities. Her scan was very informative and showed some risk areas, much more than she expected.

However, she proves we have to keep on moving, regardless of what ails us. Whatever we don’t use – we lose, whatever we abuse – we lose, so if we do the right things and pour healthy options into the body it can function better. For those of us that need a little help along the way, Path to Wellness has the answers. I was so impressed with the fact that Ozone is a clear example of bridging evidence based medicine with holistic care. Who wouldn’t want to do an injection over surgery??   Sincerely, Lara Ingram