We recently began treating patients with ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine injections. This involves a consultation with a provider to ensure the patient is a candidate followed by x-rays of the problem area(s) to evaluate the degenerative condition. Then on the day of the procedure, the patient’s blood is drawn to extract the platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) that will then be injected over one the Predictive Biotech products used in the injections.

I chose to be one of our first patients and received an ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine injection into my knee on July 18. I decided to do this because I have struggled with degenerative osteoarthritis in my knees since 2009 and it has expanded to my thumb joint in 2019. I elected to do an arthroscopic procedure on the bad knee in 2017. Pain increased in 2019 after having my second child and from wear and tear carrying the extra weight.

Prior to the injection, some temporary relief came in the form of taking anti-inflammatory medication but then that wasn’t a great long-term option due to the stress on the liver. I did have relief doing Ozone IV Infusion therapy as that helped with the inflammation and I felt relief after months of pain in the joints. My surgeon even injected ozone in a solution into my knee and that was helpful for a period of time. However, I knew it was too soon at my age to try a knee replacement per my doctor.

What I have learned through  my own personal look into the degenerative process and ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine treatment, that as we age and due to the lack of stem cells in the cartilages, there is little to no capacity to heal or regrow new cartilage. Therefore, those of us with osteoarthritis, that is, wear-and-tear arthritis, we either live with the pain of inflexible joint movements, stiffness and bone pain or we find help.

I chose to take a chance on the ultrasound-guided regenerative medicine injection. I’m six weeks in and pleasantly surprised at the change I have noticed. Before, I would have felt pain from the pressure of just walking down my driveway on a slant and recently I did not. In the past, Yoga and walking have left me feeling inflamed and sore days later but for the moment I am not having that issue. I feel like I’m recovering well from low-impact activities and the pain I felt on the inner knee joint is not there. I used to not be able to lie on my side with a pillow between my legs and not have pain. This has gone away. I am enthusiastically looking forward to monitoring my progress and hope to share more encouraging results.

For more information about our regenerative medicine and platelet-rich-plasma visit our site here https://ptwhealth.com/regenerative-medicine/.