Dear patients,

Welcome to Path to Wellness Integrated Health, where we not only have your back…we have your head, shoulders, knees and toes. Since opening my chiropractic clinic in 2008, I’ve added new services so patients could come to an all-inclusive wellness center of deeply caring specialists who guide patients on the path to wellness. We target patient-specific needs with a full spectrum of treatment options. Our approach bridges evidence-based medicine with holistic techniques to heal the body inside and out.

How do we do this? Here is a list of services that make up our integrated health clinic:

I believe we have everything we need for a healthy lifestyle -our body. Our body is capable of healing itself when we ensure the muscles are strong to keep the spine in place. That is why we promote and educate patients on staying fit and working on the body from the inside out. Many have heard me say, “you only have one spine and there is no spinal replacement surgery.”

We believe a comprehensive evaluation with our team of chiropractors, physical therapists, and nurse practitioner is the best and quickest approach to helping our patients. Our goal is to get you well as quick as possible.

Many services are covered by most major medical insurance companies. We also work closely with self-pay clients to provide care at affordable prices.

Let us help you on the path to wellness!


Dr. Lauren Letz