IV infusion therapies have recently become a growing trend for health minded people looking to do something different to help their bodies heal and recover from the constant environmental and stress related effects of the world around them. IV therapy is commonly used in various hospital and clinical settings, to address many of the vitamin and mineral deficiencies patients experience. There are any number of systemic conditions or other secondary contributing factors that are tied to these deficiencies, but one of the more common symptoms affecting a growing number of people is…Dehydration. Most people don’t realize the impact of not keeping their body hydrated. It is potentially one of the single most important health maintenance choices for your overall normal functions. Not everyone can absorb enough water in the food they eat and drink. Every person is unique, so the “one size fits all…by drinking so many ounces” approach doesn’t necessarily get the job done. IV therapies offer a customized approach that you can’t get without a proper examination/evaluation from a healthcare professional.

Why is Hydration Therapy Important?

Multiple major news stations and numerous peer reviewed journals have stated, over the last few years, that nearly 80% of the US population is chronically dehydrated or suffers from “net fluid loss.” This is often due to prolonged physical and emotional stress, in addition to lack of dietary choices that offer a minimum amount of water in the food and drinks we consume. Furthermore, based on a recent article published by Healthline (July 2019): “The average adult body is roughly 60% water and slowly decreases as we get older.” With all this water in your body, you may wonder where it’s stored and why it matters…some of the most vital organs and tissues need high levels of water to function properly:

  • Brain and Heart = 73% water
  • Lungs = 83% water
  • Muscles and Kidneys = 79% water
  • Skin = 64% water

Dehydration also brings on a sluggish, foggy and fatigued feeling with generally low energy levels. For your body to perform at its optimal potential, it needs the right vitamins and minerals to help absorb and maintain a healthy fluid balance. Most people have a hard time meeting these needs due to busy lifestyles and lack of proper knowledge on how to prepare food and what foods to eat. IV Hydration and Infusion therapies is a far more effective way to put back what your body loses over time.